How it all began
Whilst working as a beauty therapist and a promotional consultant for some of the world’s major cosmetic companies, SkinThings founder Caroline Bugg was concerned about the products she was promoting. Caroline’s research into these skin care products and their ingredients uncovered some alarming facts.
Of the 7000 cosmetic ingredients available to manufacturers, more than 1000 have known harmful effects and a further 900 are potentially cancer causing.
Brake fluid and beauty products
Propylene Glycol is used to manufacture brake fluids and anti-freeze, not the sort of thing you would choose to put on your face. But this is just one of the chemicals used in skin care products which are products which are lawfully promoted as ‘natural beauty creams’. These lotions also contain synthetic preservatives used to increase shelf-life, but which often counteract the benefits of any natural ingredients.
The cause continues
Because your skin readily absorbs nutrients, it will also absorb these toxins and carcinogenic substances.
Ingredients like these led Caroline to develop her own range of truly natural skin care products.
Having been an avid consumer of these 100% totally natural skincare products, Nicole Hepple was so impressed with the SkinThings products and treatments that she bought the company. The totally natural cosmetic cause continues to be championed by Nicole and her team of consultants.
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